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The Swedish Journal of Scientific Research (SJSR) welcome the authors to submit their original research papers in aims to exchange and spread the latest researches, innovations via online journal and online print quarterly publication. All the submitted papers are reviewed by international refereeing process.

Authors are invited to send their research papers online to the review board at The Swedish Journal of Scientific Research SJSR. All the submitted papers will be reviewed according to a full international auditing process.

The Research papers should be drafted in SJSR paper submission format and sent to for review.

All the received manuscripts will be sent to our review board, and then the reviewers’ comments will be sent back to the authors via e-mail as soon as possible.

All published papers will be indexed with Google Scholar, Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI), The Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI), and other indexing partners.

To submit, send your research paper to for review.

A journal's publication date usually consists of the volume, number and month/year. Each volume of a journal series comprises a certain number of issues, our journal publishes four (quarterly) issues per year.

Our dates are:

  • 1 January,
  • 1 April,
  • 1 July,
  • 1 October,

Therefore, the volume number tells you how many years the journal has been published, and the number tells you which issue this is of the volume year. The month/year information indicates the month or month range during which that number of any given volume is published.

Publication Fees:

  • One Author 100 $.
  • Two Authors 150 $.
  • Three Authors or More 200 ($).

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